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Království perníku

One-day coach trip to the "Lachian gate of the Beskids [ Trip ]

The Lachian gate of the Beskids - three towns and one municipality - Kopřivnice, Příbor, Štramberk and Hukvaldy. These places are especially suitable for those who are interested in the mysterious past, lovely nature, technical points of interest, sport, hiking, folklore and last, but not least, arts.

Come with us to visit the Wallachian town of Štramberk with its meandering streets and unique country architecture, the legendary Šipka cave with the remains of a prehistoric settlement which inspired the painter from Kopřivnice Zdeněk Burian to publish the world-famous books about Primaeval Ages, and whose pictures can be seen in the local museum. Let´s taste local speciality "Štramberk Ears" which is connected with a mysterious legend about the Tartars. Lovers of car history will be enthused by the Tatra Museum in Kopřivnice, the biggest pride of which is an exceptional car called "Präsident" - the first car during the Austro-Hungarian period and at the same time the first car in the Czech lands. We are going to visit the town of Příbor, the birthplace of Sigmund Freud - founder of psychoanalysis and the Hukvaldy municipality - the gate to the picturesque foothills of the Beskids, which is proud of the largest ruin of a gothic castle in our country and where we are going to finish our trip.

How to get to the Lachian gate of the Beskids:

Bystřice p. H. - Štramberk
From Bystřice pod Hostýnem we set out on the road no. 150 (Meziříčská) in the direction of Valašské Meziříčí. There we pass the railway station and the supermarket Kaufland and at the circle we turn left. There will be another circle where we turn right in the direction of Hodslavice (road no. 57). We drive through Hodslavice municipality and at the crossroads we turn right in the direction of Mořkov (road no. 483). In Mořkov at another crossroads we turn left and continue on the main road straight on in the direction of Kopřivnice. We drive through Ženklava municipality (always on the main road) to Štramberk, where we turn left at the crossroads and drive up to the parking place at the National Park.

Štramberk - Kopřivnice
From Štramberk we drive back down to the crossroads where we turn left and along Záhumenní street we get to Kopřivnice. The parking place is at the supermarket Albert.

Kopřivnice - Příbor
From the supermarket Albert we go to the right. At the circle we continue straight on to the crossroads where we turn left in the direction of Příbor.

Příbor - Hukvaldy
From Příbor we continue on the road no. 48 in the direction of Frýdek-Místek. In Rychaltice we drive down to the right and immediately afterwards to the left and continue our way to Hukvaldy.

The way back
The best way is to return from Hukvaldy back to Rychaltice and from here to get on the highway no. 48 in the direction of Nový Jičín - Hranice. Then we continue straight on (road no. 47 (E462). In Hranice we drive past the Philips factory and at the circle we turn left in the direction of Teplice nad Bečvou and later Opatovice. We continue further on road no. 438 in the direction of Bystřice pod Hostýnem.

Description of the trip:

After arrival to the parking place we set out on a journey to the National park. The nature trail will take us to the Šipka cave and will guide us through the whole national park. From here we walk past the restaurant "Prosek" and the hotel "Gong" where we are going to have lunch later, along the picturesque Zauličí street in the direction of the square. On our way we notice the timbered houses from the 18th and 19th century, the majority of which create the so called "urban conservation area" We walk uphill to the square past the Museum of Zdeněk Burian (possibility to visit for those interested). On the right-hand side another museum is situated in the late baroque building - Museum of National History. Here we can have a look at palaeolithic exhibits excavated from the Kotouč hill, archeological findings from the Šipka cave. Then we stop at the church of St. Jan of Nepomuk which is situated next to the museum. From the church we turn left and continue further uphill to Trúba castle, past the "Stará škola" boarding house. After visiting the ruin of Trúba castle we descend the steep stairs and we get to the square past the "Stará Věž - The Old Tower", where historical performances and concerts are held in summer . On the square we will have a few minutes free. Those interested can visit the Museum of Zdeněk Burian, buy the local speciality "Štramberk ears" and other fresh shortcrust pastry in the Jaroněk bakery. From the square we walk back to the Gong hotel along the same Zauličí street, where we can stop at the Hrček Gallery or other small shops to buy some souvenirs. After lunch we leave the hotel and go back to the parking place from where we set out on a journey to the town of cars - Kopřivnice.

For more information about Štramberk click HERE.

From the parking place at the Tatra hotel we walk past the supermarket Albert directly to the Technical Museum . In front of the museum we notice a historical train, the so called "Slovenská strela". After our tour of the museum we go back to the parking place and continue to the town of Příbor.

For more information about Kopřivnice click HERE.

From the parking place we turn right and go directly to the Museum of Sigmund Freud. After our tour of the museum we walk along the square of Sigmund Freud. Then we go back and continue to Hukvaldy, where we finish today´s trip.

For more information about Příbor click HERE.

From the parking place we walk through the square directly to the gate of the so called "Deer-park". There we turn right, after a few minutes´ walk we come to a crossroads. We continue uphill to the statue of "The Cunning Little Wixen". From here we turn left and continue straight on to the Hukvaldy castle. After the tour of the castle we return the same way to the square. We are going to finish our trip in the " Pod Hradem" restaurant, where we will have dinner and will stay a little while listening to the dulcimer music which can be heard there every Friday.

For more information about Hukvaldy click HERE.


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